Augment your Innovation Initiatives

Any innovation journey requires a range of methods and tools. From facilitating futuring or brainstorming events, to interviewing SMEs in a new domain, Inovo provides a number of world-class services that have been refined over decades and provide proven results.

Wisdom-of-Crowds Voting

On-line voting and pairwise comparison tools let the crowd have a voice – and let’s you analyze the crowd.

Predictive Testing of Opportunities

AI-based analytics predicts the probability of success and growth potential of your most important opportunities.

Ecosystem Engagements

In-depth, contextual interviews of individuals throughout an ecosystem whose knowledge and perspective is important.

Demand, Design, System Research

Broad and deep secondary research into technology possibilities, customer needs and desired and system dynamics.

Event Facilitation & Coaching

Expert facilitation of all types of innovation events improves the results. Coaching of others to become expert facilitators.

Opportunity Mine Ideation

New, AI-assisted creativity event to come up with ideas and concepts that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Innovation Speaking

Hear experts in innovation speak in the topic to motivate people and get them thinking in new ways.


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