Opportunity creation is the lifeblood of the innovation journey.

A well-designed opportunity creation process insures a steady flow of high-quality opportunities that drive long-term growth above and beyond the baseline.

Inovo’s ADOPTS™ framework, applied in your situation, creates a steady flow, of high quality Horizon 1 (sustaining), Horizon 2 (evolutionary) and Horizon 3 (transformational) opportunities in the desired proportions.



Opportunity Discovery is the engine of a company’s front-end process. It is a  structured, rigorous, and creative way to guarantee the types of high-quality opportunities you need to grow.

Generate the opportunity flow required to guarantee that the very best opportunities are identified and shaped into the drivers of accelerated future growth. Discovery utilizes Inovo’s Iterative Deepening paradigm, based on analytic, design and systems thinking, to learn, create, evaluate and select opportunities that should be pursued.

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Validating value propositions, pressure testing business models and creating real-world tests using protocepts and minimally viable products. Experimentation to reduce uncertainty and shape an opportunity.

The transition from well thought out concepts to real-world experiments is one of the most difficult transitions a company undertakes. Incubation includes opportunity validation and experimentation (i.e. test-and-learn) activities that find the precise shape and path for a new opportunity to turn it into a new business, product, service or operational behavior.

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Designing an innovation portfolio that will enhance your evaluation of options and accelerate decision making under uncertainty.

A company’s innovation portfolio determines their future. Decide which initiatives to pursue, which to terminate, and how to allocate resources among the various opportunities at various stages of development – even in the face of uncertainty.

Celanese employed Inovo to help our Ethylene Vinyl Acetate business discover innovative opportunities for growth. We were very pleased with Inovo’s ability to validate market needs and generate solution concepts.

Jamie Beggs , Director

Celanese Corporation