Innovation requires a perspective on the future

Any new opportunity is inherently a bet on the future. An explicit view of plausible futures is specially valuable for Horizon 2 (evolutionary) and horizon 2 (transformational) opportunities where the future is uncertain and non-linear.

Our Future Vision services help you create explicit futures, identify focus domains, and enhance innovation strategy. Prepare yourself for long-term growth by seeing what could be next and establishing the beachheads of future opportunity.



Develop an insightful perspective on plausible futures that are important for your company. Use these futures to inform current actions.

Create a proprietary view of the future that goes beyond the mega-trends that every competitor also knows about. From the identification of consensus trends as well as  weak signals, future scenarios are created that let you see beyond the immediate time horizon. From these insights come new ideas for strategy and opportunity.

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Define the connection between strategic intent and discovery with Domains that guide the company’s exploration for new opportunities.

Identify rich areas your company should explore for new opportunities and develop a domain canvas that maps the domain and the criteria for what a great opportunity looks like.

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Create an explicit innovation strategy to support the business strategy and define how the company evolves its innovation competency.

An innovation strategy, like a product or market strategy, supports the corporate business strategy. It lays out the objectives and future direction of the company’s innovation system and initiatives. The strategy and innovation system roadmap, provides guidance for the company’s innovation teams and corporate leadership.

Inovo’s process is unique, engaging and it works.

Jeff Ballew , Director of Strategic Marketing

Honeywell Corporation