A well-designed innovation system can change a company.

A company’s innovation system determines its future. A purposefully designed and implemented system fits and extends a company’s culture, mindset, operation and organization. It is critical to get this right, or else it won’t last long.

We help companies design and build enhancements to their existing innovation systems that better enable them to handle the horizon 2 (evolutionary) and horizon 3 (transformational) strategic opportunities that are the most uncertain, complex and ambiguous.




Building the mechanisms for hiring, training and enabling individuals to enhance and spread the innovation mindset and competencies.

Mindset, motivation, behavior. Skills, roles, jobs. These affect leadership, management, teams and individuals as they do innovation. Inovo has the methods and tools to assess both the mindset and skills of individuals, to evaluate the roles and jobs that need to be done, to identify gaps in your innovation capabilities and help you recruit the right people.

Interested in the People aspect of Innovation Systems?

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Designing and building the processes, methods, tools and decision making mechanisms for running  Domaining, Discovery and Incubation

Decision making under uncertainty is one of the most difficult jobs a company must do. In the front-end of innovation, where uncertainty dominates, making fast decisions requires the right metrics and the right decision architecture. Inovo can help set up the innovation operating system that works in your company to increase your front-end decision velocity.

Interested in innovation system governance?

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Building and nurturing effective innovation organizations that drive the innovation process

A modern innovation system has a networked structure that promotes the flow of information and knowledge within the company and between the company and the outside world. It takes work to establish well functioning networks for innovation and Inovo has the experience and approach to help companies create an effectively networked innovation organization.

Inovo helped us gain some key insights very quickly. The ecosystem mapping and voice-of-the-customer work will be a highlight at our opportunity portfolio review.

Lou Ruocco , Manager, Corporate Ventures and Business Development

Dow Corporation