A Global 500 diversified consumer and industrial products company was contemplating a critical $40 million investment in a new touch screen adhesive technology.  They needed to be certain about the market need and size as well as the proper business model prior to making the call.  Inovo was hired to provide a very valuable asset at the front-end of innovation – the confidence to proceed with a major manufacturing investment.

The growth of projected capacitive touch technology and desire for high quality imaging is driving the growth of laminating adhesives.  Our client’s technology, liquid, optically clear adhesive, provides a brighter, higher quality image, particularly for larger displays (e.g., tablets, monitors, TVs, etc.).

What We Did Together

For this project, Inovo employed the Opportunity Pursuit methods and tools from our ADOPTS™ framework for strategic innovation. We conducted both primary and secondary research.  A purpose-built knowledge community was created within the electronic touch display ecosystem to gain key insights regarding the market, the technology and proposed solutions and business models. We conducted one-on-one engagements with 23 members of the community, including component makers, OEMs, industry consultants, industry associations, academic research institutions and others.

Inovo confirmed the needs and adoption dynamics of each of the relevant product segments. In addition, we developed a competitive landscape profile to gauge the sustainability of the client’s technological advantage in these applications.  Inovo also validated the potential market size as well as growth trajectory.

The Outcome

Inovo validated the attractiveness of this Opportunity for our client, including the insight that the market was growing more quickly than expected. As a result, the client made the $40 million investment and is now benefitting from a new high growth, high margin business. In addition, we provided the client with several other surprising insights that helped to enable their success.  First, we identified a business model twist that improved the odds of adoption. We suggested that they partner with a panel manufacturing equipment maker and propose an integrated solution to the electronics OEM customers. We also identified an emergent market opportunity that was not apparent to them – the 3D display.

From an investment standpoint it was absolutely worth doing exploration work with Inovo. They helped us focus and align on the best applications for our technology. We could have wasted 10 times that amount and valuable time without it.

Allison Clift-Jennings , CEO