Organizing Within Networks

Organizing Within Networks

Despite the poor writing, this article contains several interesting nuggets of insight that are pertinent to companies, especially market dominating companies, looking at the future of innovation. It makes the case that a key to a company’s success will be its ability to create, manage, use and contribute to ecosystems – i.e. broad, complex networks of other companies and individuals that can work together to achieve a common purpose. As the author states, “We are living in a connected, constantly adapting, world where networks and relationships are the essential wiring connections we all need to construct”.

It’s always tempting to declare ‘the key’ to a new era for companies and this article (and the accompanying sites it links to) falls directly into this trap. There is, however, an interesting perspective to be considered in the role of ecosystems and how they form, function, and facilitate (or not) the ability of companies to innovate.

The nature of the company, of the individual and of work, is changing. Companies need to be conscious of this and not only adapt to it, but to make it happen. An ecosystem perspective is certainly beneficial to thinking about these changes and to making them happen. This article contains some valuable contributions to developing an ecosystem perspective.

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