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The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) is holding it’s first US conference this coming March 13-16 in Boston. MA. Inovo is an enthusiastic sponsor and will be holding a workshop on ‘Strategies for Fixing Your Innovation Growth Gap’. Please plan on coming to the conference – it will be a good one. The button below will take you to the conference web site where you can see the program and make plans for attending.

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March 14, 1:30pm – 3:00pm: Inovo Workshop on Strategies for Fixing Your Innovation Growth Gap

ISPIM 2016 Workshop

Most companies face a persistent growth gap – the gap between the growth your current portfolio will deliver and the growth that investors desire and your strategy assumes. Research has shown that, on average, you are only 20 – 30% accurate in predicting whether initiatives in your growth opportunity portfolio will succeed (i.e. even exist in 10 years). Why is the growth gap so persistent and what can be done to raise your ability to fill your portfolio with opportunities that you know will succeed?

Inovo is sponsoring a workshop to discuss how a robust innovation strategy can help fix your growth gap and protect your business from unseen and unexpected forces of disruption. The workshop will start by reviewing the results of an ‘Innovation Strategy Survey’ sent to all conference participants. The survey results will be used as a springboard to a discussion about what makes up an innovation strategy and how it can used to help a company manage future uncertainty.

Case studies taken directly from first-hand experience and supplemented with high-profile examples from the business world will be used to illustrate principles, methods and tools that can be used. The workshop participants will engage with the facilitators and with each other to identify the issues facing their company and will come away with a framework for building a comprehensive and robust innovation strategy for their company.

The survey will be sent to all individuals signed up for the conference in advance of the June 7 workshop. All conference attendees are welcome to attend but the greatest value will be derived by those individuals who complete the survey and attend the workshop.

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