Corporate Startup Collaboration – An Overview
Presentation Brian Christian

In this overview for Corporate/Startup Collaboration, Brian Christian, one of the Managing Partners of The Inovo Group, shows us how […]

How Inovo Can Help with Strategic Innovation
Video Payal Mukherjee

The Inovo Group is an innovation strategy consulting firm. For over 18 years, we have been helping science and technology-driven […]

Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth
Article Larry Schmitt

By now, all of us familiar with the vast body of innovation literature and commentary have probably had enough with […]

Partnering with Startups to Drive Innovation
Video Brian Christian

In a recent Innovation Leader Master Class, Inovo partner Brian Christian focused on how to forge meaningful relationships with startups. […]

Collaborating with Startups
Presentation Larry Schmitt
Opportunity Discovery
Presentation Larry Schmitt
Tracing the links between basic research and real-world applications
Article Larry Schmitt

Does basic scientific research lead to marketplace innovations? This question has been asked (and attempted to be answered) ever since […]

Developing New Eyes: Discovering Opportunities in a Well-Trodden Domain
Article Larry Schmitt

We were literally out of ideas. Or good ideas anyway. Over the last five years, we had tried just about […]