Innovation Roundtable – Cleveland 2020

Roundtable Overview

Wellspring and The Inovo Group are hosts to the popular Innovation Roundtable series.

Each roundtable is a facilitated peer discussion on a defined innovation topic of mutual interest. Audience participation is limited to 15 participants, by invitation only. To be made aware of future roundtables, or to suggest a topic or a city, please complete the form here.

The Cleveland Roundtable


This roundtable was held on February 20, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Tinkham Veale University Center Campus at Case Western Reserve University.

Topic of Discussion –  Approaches for “Strategic” vs “Sustaining” Innovation

Innovation programs often struggle when the organization triages all innovation efforts through the same lens – the one for sustaining or incremental innovation. When everything coming out of R&D or the innovation team is subject to the harsh glare of quarterly performance metrics, only incremental ideas will survive. On the other hand, breakthrough or “strategic” innovation programs without the proper structures in place can quickly degenerate into undisciplined speculation. In this roundtable, we discussed best practices for approaching each innovation horizon on its own terms.

The highlights of this Innovation Roundtable are available for download here

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