Innovation in Pandemic Times

It’s clear that there will be major changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but what will these changes be and what will the new world of innovation look like? The following is a partial list, not in any particular order) of articles that address the topic of how the COVID-19 pandemic is and will affect innovation (and vice-versa).





  1. COVID-19 Is A Before and After Moment In The Digital Transformation
  2. The coronavirus pandemic is changing work forever
  3. Counting the Arrows in Your Ass
  4. There Will Be Blue Ocean’s Everywhere Post Pandemic
  5. COVID-19 Will Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation
  6. Everything will change forever after coronavirus…won’t it?
  7. 7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World
  8. The future is not what it used to be: Thoughts on the shape of the next normal
  9. Covid-19 A Mother Of Innovation
  10. The One Good Thing Caused By COVID-19 Innovation
  11. COVID-19 Will Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation
  12. Innovation in the Time of COVID-19
  13. Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on Innovation
  14. Global Demand for Innovation Prevails Over Challenges of COVID-19
  15. Innovation and technology in the age of Covid-19
  16. Lessons in Rapid Innovation From the COVID-19 Pandemic
  17. The COVID-19 Crisis Has Sparked Innovation and Offers Lessons We Must Not Forget
  18. COVID-19 and the innovation dividend
  19. Pandemic spurs innovation
  20. How the pandemic could spur lasting innovation
  21. Coronavirus Pandemic Pushes Countries to Bridge the Digital Divide
  22. The pandemic is liberating firms to experiment with radical new ideas
  23. Can the pandemic help us fix our technology problem?
  24. How to Keep Digital Innovation Thriving Post-Pandemic
  25. The Pandemic Is Turbo-charging Government Innovation Will It Stick
  26. Hot spots of innovation as a result of coronavirus pandemic
  27. How Innovation Is Driving Productivity During And Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic
  28. Pandemic gives businesses lessons in survival, innovation
  29. The One Good Thing Caused by COVID-19 Innovation
  30. The Pandemic Is a Clarion Call to Remove Barriers to Innovation
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