In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously said that ‘software is eating the world”. What was true in 2011 is even more true today. Information matters as much as physical artifacts and the customer experience is influenced through the use of information. Deep technical background and experience in computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, and information technology in general allows us to bring the atoms and bits together for our clients.

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Future / Opportunity / Ecosystems / Domain
  • Materials
  • Machine Learning
  • Components
  • Mobile Devices
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Security
  • Industrial IoT
  • Business Models
  • Strategy
  • Networks

Industry Dimensions

We've worked in many different areas of Information Technology and understand the nuances and multiple dimensions of this space.

  • Data Information Analytics Operation
  • Sensors Networks Cloud Security
  • Material Component Device System
  • Learning Artificial Intelligence Autonomy