The breadth of the food and agriculture industry is vast. From farm to fork, the industry is being rapidly transformed with new technologies, business models and experiences. Whether it’s growers, processors, distributors, or retail, Inovo has worked with companies throughout the ecosystem to help create and design strategic opportunities. These include significant innovations in field operations, food ingredients and processes, processing and preparing equipment and indoor vertical farming to name a few. Our knowledge of food science and changing food demands allows us to collaborate with our clients on the most advanced food and agriculture innovation initiatives.

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Future / Opportunity / Ecosystems / Domain
  • Pest & Disease
  • Food 2.0
  • IoT & AI
  • Processing
  • Growing & Harvesting
  • Biotech
  • Equipment
  • Growers
  • Automation
  • Nutrition

Industry Dimensions

We've worked in many different areas of Food & Agriculture and understand the nuances and multiple dimensions of this space.

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  • Plants Stocks Food Meals
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