Innovation Quarterly – Fall 2012

In our strategic innovation work, our clients often say that they want “bold” opportunities – those that will allow the company to develop new-to-the-world offerings, invest in new technologies, enter new markets, and/or pursue new business models. However, as the project team generates a range of opportunities from sustaining to distinctive to disruptive, the client organization leans toward the less risky sustaining and distinctive types and away from the bold and potentially disruptive opportunities.
This has highlighted the need for methods and tools which (1) measure the real risk (vs perceived) inherent in innovation opportunities, (2) assess our clients’ actual appetite (vs stated) for risk and (3) help our clients become more accepting of bold opportunities that can deliver significant, long-term value for their companies.
The Strategic Innovation Canvas is one such tool. It is already helping our clients to effectively assess and challenge their comfort zones, and to determine which opportunities are inside (or outside) of their risk boundaries.
We have attached a PDF of a new white paper (“Strategic Innovation: If It Feels Comfortable, You’re Not Doing It Right”) that explores these ideas. We hope you will find it helpful.


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