Should/Could Assessment – A Tool for Innovation Portfolio Management
Article Inovo

Experienced innovation practitioners know that some of the most valuable tools are ones that help decide which opportunities to spend […]

Which Innovation Model is Right for Your Company
Article Larry Schmitt

The desire to recognize patterns (even when they don’t exist) and to sort, classify and categorize anything and everything is […]

Uncertainty is the Innovator’s Friend
Article Larry Schmitt

“Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.” –Brian Greene Highlights Uncertainty dominates the pursuit of strategic opportunities. Uncertainty happens when the […]

Groundbreaking empirical research shows where innovation really comes from
Article Larry Schmitt

Many have speculated on the critical factors that make people good at innovation. A recent study called the Equality of Opportunity Project […]

The Business Case Alternative: How to Support Disruptive Innovation at a Large Company
Article Larry Schmitt

There is not much written in this article that hasn’t been written about numerous times before, but it does provide […]

PTO Case Story – The Nike Fuel Band
Article Steve Schwartz

Turn back the clock to January 2012. One of the world’s biggest brands, Nike, was about to embrace one of […]

Predictive Testing of Opportunities – Case Story Series
Short Take Inovo

Mark Andreesen, co-founder of the Venture Capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, once said in his signature provocative style that, “there are […]

Innovation Networks – Needed Now More Than Ever
Article Larry Schmitt

“This new mode of organization—a ‘network of teams’ with a high degree of empowerment, strong communication, and rapid information flow—is […]

Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful
Article Larry Schmitt

We all have mental models we employ to make sense of the world. The author classifies as a mental model […]

The Man Who Knows Whether Any Startup Will Live or Die
Article Larry Schmitt

The Man Who Knows Whether Any Startup Will Live or Die “You can’t trust the model until you get all […]

Overconfidence, Bad Models and Delusion
Article Larry Schmitt

Overconfidence, Bad Models and Delusion Growth Science founder and CEO, Thomas Thurston, writes about the future of predictive business simulation. […]

Using Superforecasting Methods for Your Strategic Futures
Article Larry Schmitt

“It’s very hard for professionals and executives to maintain their status if they can’t maintain a certain mystique about their judgment. […]

Innovation Quarterly – Winter 2015
Article Larry Schmitt

We chose the pursuit of strategic opportunities as the theme of this IQ since these are the opportunities that significantly […]

When you need more than Voice of the Customer: Understanding the Mind-of-the-Community™
White Paper Larry Schmitt

VoC is good for sustaining innovations, but you need a different approach for Strategic innovation.

Future Thinking: An Innovative Mindset for Innovative Action
Article Larry Schmitt

Innovation requires thinking about the future, and successful innovators have been trying to develop their futuring muscles to envision plausible […]