A New Enterprise Growth System
Presentation Steve Schwartz

A presentation given at Innov8rs Connect – Strategy, Leadership & Governance The Inovo Group held in-depth conversations with over 50 […]

Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?
Article Brian Christian

“The basic problem with working in the office is that you are just not in control of the work environment.” […]

Innovation Roundtable – Cleveland 2020
Event Lisa Lavergne

In this roundtable, we discussed best practices for approaching each innovation horizon on its own terms.

Innovation Roundtable – Houston 2019
Event Lisa Lavergne

In the Houston Innovation Roundtable, the discussion focused on upgrading an innovation system and gauging Innovation Maturity Level.

The Myth of the Intrapreneur
Article Larry Schmitt

Intrapreneur is an amorphous term. It is intended to convey the attributes of an Entrepreneur leading a startup company to […]

How to Balance Sustaining and Strategic Innovation
Presentation Payal Mukherjee

Inovo Group’s managing partners Larry Schmitt and Steve Schwartz recently hosted a live Master Class in association with Innovation Leader. […]

Foresight: The Most Important Leadership Skill of the 21st Century
Article Larry Schmitt

The nature of change has changed. It is faster, more volatile, more complex and more uncertain than ever. How does […]

What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages
Article Larry Schmitt

With all of the various writings and talks about the future of AI and what it will do to work, […]

Innovation People
Presentation Larry Schmitt
The Mutation of Research
Article Inovo

Over the past decades research in the ‘soft sciences’ has resulted in a much deeper understanding of how people think […]

Building Your Strategic Innovation Team: Jobs, Roles and Proficiencies
Article Larry Schmitt

“The strength of the team is in each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil […]

Think Like You are Small: Creating an Existential and Permissive Mindset
Article Larry Schmitt

One of the most discussed topics in innovation today is how to get large companies to behave more like startups […]

The Innovation Illusion
Article Larry Schmitt

On the surface, this book seems to be making a valid argument about the difficulty of innovating but on closer […]

Inovo Sponsoring Ann Arbor Health Hack June 24 – 26
Event Inovo

The first Ann Arbor Health Hack (A2H2) hackathon is being held in Ann Arbor, MI on June 24-26. The goal […]

The Demise of Disruption
Article Larry Schmitt

Ever since Christensen’s seminal book, the Innovator’s Dilemma[i], postulated a mechanism whereby established companies are disrupted, disruption and disruptive innovation […]