A Transformational Growth System for the New Enterprise: Strategy + R&D + Innovation
Innovation QI Larry Schmitt

“The most important invention that will come out of the corporate research lab in the future will be the corporation […]

A New Enterprise Growth System
Presentation Steve Schwartz

A presentation given at Innov8rs Connect – Strategy, Leadership & Governance The Inovo Group held in-depth conversations with over 50 […]

Sustaining and Strategic Innovation
Presentation Inovo

The definition of sustaining and strategic innovation, opportunities and systems is key to understanding what companies should focus on. Get […]

The Big Hairy Challenge with Separating Innovation from the Core Business
Short Take Larry Schmitt

One of the decisions large companies need to make about how to structure their innovation efforts is the amount of […]

Innovation Roundtable – Cleveland 2020
Event Lisa Lavergne

In this roundtable, we discussed best practices for approaching each innovation horizon on its own terms.

Inside the Green Box
White Paper Larry Schmitt

How does innovation within a company really work? That question has bedeviled researchers and practitioners alike ever since Schumpeter popularized […]

The Case for Strategic Innovation
Innovation QI Larry Schmitt

    Highlights Companies that are good at strategic innovation reap superior economic returns. Strategic innovation requires distinct capabilities and […]

Corporate Startup Collaboration – An Overview
Presentation Brian Christian

In this overview for Corporate/Startup Collaboration, Brian Christian, one of the Managing Partners of The Inovo Group, shows us how […]

Innovation Roundtable – Houston 2019
Event Lisa Lavergne

In the Houston Innovation Roundtable, the discussion focused on upgrading an innovation system and gauging Innovation Maturity Level.

Advantage Flywheels
Article Larry Schmitt

The concepts of complex system dynamics, represented by system dynamics models with stocks, flows, feedback loops and influence diagrams, have […]

Why Companies Do “Innovation Theater” Instead of Actual Innovation
Article Larry Schmitt

This article is not so much about innovation theater (although it does make an appearance) as it is about the […]

The Importance of Persistence: Building an Innovation System for the Long-term
Article Larry Schmitt

Highlights A successful, Fortune 50, corporate innovation group has been continuously creating strategic innovations for almost two decades – through […]

Incubation – Experimenting Your Way to New Business Success
Presentation Larry Schmitt

Incubation is a key phase in a Strategic Innovation System. It takes a different approach than New Product Development (NPD) […]

How Inovo Can Help with Strategic Innovation
Video Payal Mukherjee

The Inovo Group is an innovation strategy consulting firm. For over 18 years, we have been helping science and technology-driven […]

The Promise of Strategic Innovation – Building an Innovation System
Presentation Larry Schmitt

A large company needs innovation strategy, systems and culture – three key areas, to develop in order to be good […]