General Electric’s multi-billion dollar mistake
Article Larry Schmitt

This is a great case study on the lack of future insight, but it’s only half complete. The author tells […]

Build Platforms Beyond Products and Services
Article Larry Schmitt

When you run a platform on scale, you have to make sure it’s truly open. That way, not only do […]

Want to Dominate? – Then Create Your Evil Twin
Article Larry Schmitt

Train like your stronger, fitter, faster evil twin is trying to kill you.  –  popular CrossFit saying Companies settle into what […]

Why Amazon is eating the world
Article Larry Schmitt

Amazon is regularly put forth as one of the preeminent exemplars of the modern, innovative corporation and many have written […]

PTO Case Story – The Nike Fuel Band
Article Steve Schwartz

Turn back the clock to January 2012. One of the world’s biggest brands, Nike, was about to embrace one of […]

Predictive Testing of Opportunities – Case Story Series
Short Take Inovo

Mark Andreesen, co-founder of the Venture Capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, once said in his signature provocative style that, “there are […]

What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them?
Article Larry Schmitt

A short but interesting look at the early days of Xerox PARC (1970s). The author Alan Kay, was one of the […]

How Amazon Innovates in ways that Google and Apple can’t
Article Larry Schmitt

Amazon is better at innovating outside their core than Google or Apple. Amazon successes – AWS, Prime, Echo, Go, etc. […]

Think Like You are Small: Creating an Existential and Permissive Mindset
Article Larry Schmitt

One of the most discussed topics in innovation today is how to get large companies to behave more like startups […]

Breaking Through: A Mindset for Business Transformation
Article Larry Schmitt

A privately-held, 75-year old business that owns more than 80% market share in their segment of food processing equipment was […]

Pursuing Whitespace Opportunities – An IRI Research on Research Project
White Paper Larry Schmitt

In graphic arts, whitespace is characterized as negative space. It functions as an important design element, framing adjacent objects and […]

Developing New Eyes: Discovering Opportunities in a Well-Trodden Domain
Article Larry Schmitt

We were literally out of ideas. Or good ideas anyway. Over the last five years, we had tried just about […]

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer
Article Inovo

Even though Apple is one of the most profitable companies on earth, is it actually in decline? This is the […]

Intel Made a Huge Mistake 10 Years Ago
Article Larry Schmitt

Intel made a huge mistake 10 years ago. Now 12,000 workers are paying the price. So, Intel is getting out […]

Strategic Innovation in Biotech
Video Inovo

At FEI2015, the annual Front-end of Innovation conference that took place May 18 – 20 in Boston. Brian Christian, Managing Partner of The Inovo Group, and Gayl Bunes of Cargill gave a talk on ‘Realizing the Promise of Biotechnology in the Food & Ag Sector’. This abridged version of the talk describes a strategic innovation project Cargill undertook in 2014 in collaboration with The Inovo Group.