Our foundational methodology, the iterative deepening paradigm, provides the basis for all of the learning, creation, evaluation and selection that takes place throughout each innovation project. This innovation methodology is based on extensive research into how individuals and teams work — and how they work together to innovate. The iterative deepening methodology drives the process we lead clients through and informs the tools we create for them.

Domaining & Discovery

Methods and Tools
Iterative Deepening ™

Method for creative exploration

Efficiently exhausting a white space

Enabling “collective creativity”

Mind of the Community™

Building expert communities

Gathering leading edge insights

Identifying potential partners

Mind of the Company™

Online opportunity voting tools

Surfacing internal obstacles

Exposing organizational biases


Avoiding status quo thinking

Generating new Opportunity possibilities

Ensuring against alternate futures

Portfolio Design

Ensuring a strategic outcome

Obtaining Opportunity diversity

Challenging “not us” paradigms

Validation & Incubation

Methods & Tools
Mind of the Community™

Building an adopter community

Gathering opportunity insights

Identifying first adopters and partners

JTBD, Personas & Effects

Identifying adopter motivations

Prioritizing the jobs an offering does

Developing use cases and requirements

Scorecards & Analysis

Online opportunity assessment tools

Predictive testing of opportunities

Insight into opportunity potential

Business Model Design

Alternative business model concepts

Future paths and platform potential

First application analysis – point-of-the-spear

Network, Market & Adoption

Understanding future value network

Insight into market potential

Market fit and market entry


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