The Domain – Discover – Incubate – Accelerate framework is a well researched†, proven innovation system architecture for creating innovations that expand a companies boundaries.


Expand the organization’s boundaries and align with strategic intent


Explore domains to identify strategic opportunities


Experiment to validate and test opportunities in the real world


Execute to scale new businesses

Increase Readiness by Reducing Uncertainty

Four Dimensions of Uncertainty, One measure of Opportunity Readiness

Boundary pushing innovations are those Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 opportunities that have large degrees of uncertainty and, therefore, are not suited to standard New Product Development processes. These are the evolutionary and transformational opportunities that will drive accelerated future growth but that are also the most problematic for companies to manage. The ADOPTS™ framework focuses efforts on reducing the degree of uncertainty and increasing opportunity readiness.

Four dimensions of uncertainty:


Where will the new opportunity fit in the organization and who will support it?


What is needed and desired, by who, how much and why?


Is what we need to create possible and can it be made desirable?


What is the new ecosystem within which the innovation can thrive and how can it be created?

†Acknowledgement to Gina O’Connor and her research on innovation as described in her book “Grabbing Lightning”


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