The Inovo Group is an innovation consulting firm helping technology-driven companies succeed at strategic innovation. We guide clients as they create surprising and potentially disruptive innovations that use technology for differentiation and competitive advantage. As we work together, clients use our proven innovation process to discover and pursue opportunities, gain new competencies and transform business models, organizations and cultures.


Some of the clients we've helped since 2001

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Inovo at a Glance

At the forefront of innovation since 2001
  • The ADOPTS system is created and Opportunity Discovery service is launched March 2005
  • Inovo's first Strategic Innovation Summit is held September 2011
  • Inovo introduces its Innovation System Design-Build service offering May 2016
  • To be announced... September 2022

  • Inovo technologies is formed December 2001
  • Inovo and DASO merge to form The Inovo Group January 2010
  • Inovo introduces its Futuring service offering July 2014
  • Inovo celebrates its 20th anniversary and over 250 client projects completed December 2021


Our offices:

213 South Ashley St., Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Parking is available in the surface lot at the northwest corner of S. Ashley St. and W. Washington St.
Our office is diagonally across the intersection on S. Ashley in the middle of the block between W. Washington and W. Liberty, on the east side of the road. The door has a sign ‘Schwaben Building 213’ and we occupy the 3rd floor.

A well-defined innovation strategy frames and guides your innovation initiatives towards tangible results. An explicit Innovation Strategy prepares you to deal with the
uncertain future to your advantage rather than to your surprise.

Larry Schmitt , Managing Partner

The Inovo Group

Company Values

Advancing innovation to make the world a better place

Embrace Discomfort


Journey not Epiphany


Opportunities not Ideas


Collective Knowledge and Creativity


Adoption Ecosystem


Mind of the Community


Uncertainty is your frenemy