Inovo Sponsoring Ann Arbor Health Hack June 24 – 26

The first Ann Arbor Health Hack (A2H2) hackathon is being held in Ann Arbor, MI on June 24-26. The goal of A2H2 is to stimulate new solutions (software or hardware, from an app to a better mosquito net), business models and startups for disease prevention.

Over 200 students, researchers and professionals from the biomedical, engineering, IT, design and public health sectors including non-profits, makers of healthcare and disease prevention services, consumables drugs and devices will be focusing on disease prevention in developing countries as well as underserved areas of developed countries. Participants from around the globe will be taking part in this weekend event forming cross-functional teams to collaborate and compete for prizes by developing a minimum viable product or prototype to tackle a disease prevention problem. The solutions can include information, education of patients and care-takers, policy and social engineering, as well as products and services including personal and surgical hygiene, family planning, wellness, diagnostics, vaccines, and drug adherence and novel applications or combinations and ways to insure timely and reliable access to those solutions.

Organizers of the event (including Inovo’s own Diane Bouis) are:

  • Beatrix Balogh – Research Associate, William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
    Modeling health challenges in emerging markets
  • Brittany Johnson – Independent Global Health Supply Chain Consultant, Enhancing health commodity supply chains in developing markets
  • Neelima Ramajaru – Director of Global Health Initiatives, LLamasoft
    Health care supply chain in developed and developing countries
  • Diane Bouis – Director Innovation Initiatives, The Inovo Group
    Medical scientist turned innovation consultant to Fortune 100 companies

Inovo is one of the sponsors of the event and fully supports the organizers and participants as they gather over the June 24-26 weekend to create awesome new solution for disease prevention.

Find out more by visiting the A2H2 website or the A2H2 Facebook page.

A2H2 Website

A2H2 Facebook Page


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