5th Annual Strategic Innovation Summit Held in Chicago

The 5th annual Strategic Innovation Summit was held in Chicago on September 21-22. It was a unique and invigorating experience for all those who attended – 25 corporate, innovation leaders from leading, multinational corporations. These are the people responsible for running the innovation efforts within their respective companies. They wanted to hear about real problems, real solutions and ideas about how they can advance the practice of innovation within their organizations. And they did.

From noon on Monday to 2PM on Tuesday, including the evening event at the City Winery, the participants interacted with each other to discuss specific innovation topics. The intense, interactive sessions illuminated common issues, distinctive differences and potential solutions that can be taken back and implemented.

Information about the 2015 summit can be found on the Strategic Innovation Summit site where  you can also tell us if you are interested in next year’s summit.

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